I do like this application. For the price and what you can get out of it it's rather useful. The idea here is to match the Animation Master renders to out Terragen ones. Although you could create the scene in AM it is a rather pointless exercise if you have another application which can do the same in a fraction of the time. Also splitting the scene down into layers you don't need to render everything again if you make a change to a model. More about Terragen can be found at of research the only way to do this is by using camera matching software expensive. Animation Master is a great tool for the price but the lack of pipelines between it and other apps kills it dead for a llot of people. Well after looking at the syntax of action files AM (Animation Master) produces I have decided to write a PHP script which will output a Terragen script file from AM's camera movement. I learnt PHP last year while working on a number of web sites for people.

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