The VW LT35 Conversion plan in 3D! So I've put together the van, animated the camera. Tried a number of of colours (Which do you think is best?), I've also cut the van away to show a possible layout plan. The silver object near the sink is an Alcohol heater / Cooker. I am not planning to use gas. Hopefully this may give you some ideas of what to do with your old Volkswagon!

I modelled the LT35 Camper using Blender 2.69 I renderd it using the blender internal renderer "BI". Any textures used I created in GIMP. I also composited the renders togther in Blender too. I will try Blender Cycles renderer next time. The music I created in Linux MultiMedia Studio. I'm pleased with results against time spent. The interior is a bit grainy as I dropped the render bounces to keep render times down. Sound was added using Virtualdub and the final compressed MP4 was produced using Handbrake...So a completely Opensource workflow : )

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