So you want have a go at mobile development and make thousands while not spending like amounts on software? Me too. For my day job i do allot of Flash. At work we use it for developing interactive graphics for training in the aerospace industry and the like for which it is great.
( A shot from my forth coming triple A flight sim i'm developing ) : )


With flash once you move past the drawing side of the gui, and decide to code an application rather than draw it, you soon realise the IDE is lacking. When compared to Eclipse or Netbeans (also handy and free). So step up flash develop a truly slick and FREE! Flash/Air IDE which is a pleasure to use.

You might be wondering why i am extolling the virtues Flash died with Steve Jobs right well no. It's death has been greatly exaggerated, really Adobe should have stated you will now export Flash content as Air or Html 5. The only real difference to non geek i suspect in the long run will be the file extension. As Air and HTML 5 runs on Ipad, Windows and so on you will still have the familiar graphics monkey friendly interface. That being said it is well worth getting past that friendly interface to get down and dirty with (or hopefully clean) code. Now plug in Away3D to access Stage3D (aka molehill) and you have a free and very capable development environment.

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